Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Session 41

I'm joining up with Thea's Sunday Session again this week if you want to join up then visit her site link your blog with your music to her blog. The simple rule about the Sunday Session is there are no rules.

My two songs today are racing songs as my favourite kind of racing is on today the Bathurst 1000 where Holdens vs Ford Cars 

The first song is

The second song is 

I can't wait to hear yours

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Session 40

I'm glad to be joining up with Thea again to be part of her Sunday Session (Yes I know its Monday and that I'm a day late, but better late then never LOL) 

The rule is that there is no rules anymore except you post your fav songs then link up with her blog so without any more fussing here are my songs for this Sunday Session

Both my songs today are from the same group, the first one is can anyone guess? 

While the Second is really good for anyone who is rushed doing things on a Monday