Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Session 43

Yeah today is Sunday Session day, what is that you ask? Sunday Session is where the sweet lovely Thea posts some songs that have memories for her or just great to listen to. To join in there is no rules the only one is that when you post your songs you link your post up with her blog.

My two fav songs this week are This first one is cause a lot of my twitter friends have been doing their places up.

and yes I think I may have posted this one before but I wanted to post it again as Spicks & Specks will no longer be on Australian TV after 7 wonderful years gracing our screens & I do love this part so much. (I love all of the Spicks & Specks but some parts are better)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Session 42

It's been a long time (to long in fact) since I joined in a Sunday Session with the lovely Thea but now I'm ready to play again the rules are simple Thea has no rules only that if your going to play along you link your blog to hers.

Here are my two favourite songs for this week.

Hope you join up as I can't wait to hear yours