Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Session 32

YEAHHHHHHH it's Sunday Session time once again with the lovely Thea who every Sunday posts two or more songs usually one being an oldie and one being a newbie. Then gets other people with blogs to join up if they wish. A lot of people who know me know that I usually only post oldies as most of the new songs that come out these days to my ears and eyes are crap but there are some exceptions.

The first one I am going to post I grew up with and pops into my head from time to time it's a great song by the Brotherhood Of Man (On a side note I did have a major crush on the lead male singer)

The next one I'm going to post is another one I fell in love with as I was growing up it's by The 5th Dimension ( Love the small 45 record brings back memories the song starts playing around the 26 second mark)

Time to creep into the 1980's here with this song that I use to play full volume when my parents weren't home.

Now to slide all the way back 1976 and listen to some Tina Charles when this use to be played a lot at discos, even the blue light disco's.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Session 31

It's that time again, time for Sunday Session with the lovely Thea The idea is to post an oldie and newbie on your blog (although you can post just oldies, like I do or just newbies) then link up with Thea's blog by either hiting her name in this blog or hitting the Sunday Session button on the side of this blog. Here are my picks for this week.

The first one comes to mind any time I talk about how when adults went to school as kids we had a lot more freedom then kids do these days cause they are wrapped in to much cotten wool with all the new school rules etc.

The other one I always think of when I see a truck on the road. (Make sure you have tissues handy)

I got one more its a parody song, now don't get me wrong I love animals have a cat of my own but sometimes these parody songs are just so funny & bring a smile to my face.