Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Session 26

Sunday Session is here again with the lovely Thea if you love music, you should join up. The idea is to post an oldie and newbie on your blog (alhtough you can post just oldies, like I do or just newbies) then link up with Thea's blog by either hiting her name in this blog or hitting the Sunday Session button on the side of this blog. Now on to my picks.

My first pic of the week is a lovely song about a magical horse (I always wanted to own a horse but have never rode one as yet but it's on my bucket list.) The song of course is called Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphey.

The second song is from Kenny Rogers I have always loved his songs this one is Coward Of The County.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Session 25

First up let me say sorry for not joining in the Sunday Session for the last two weeks but I have been busy with my Uni studies, now here it is Sunday once again and that means its time for Thea's Sunday Session where you post two of your favourite songs and link it up to her blog.

My first pick for this Sunday come about cause I was chatting to a dear friend called maidinaustralia  (who on a side note has a awesome blog of her own) on Twitter, about what Alcholic drinks I haven't tasted as yet and one of them I haven't tasted is a Pina Colada which reminded me of this favourite song of mine. 

Now I don't know about copyright laws so I wont post the next song but will give you a link to it, It's a parody of another song & its wonderfully done by Stephen Colbert and The Saturday Night Live gang. Please press here if you want to go listen to it