Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Younger/Older Drivers

I'm sick and tired of hearing how people whinge about younger drivers especially those on their L's or P's. It's about time society realised that it doesn't matter if your 15 years old or 80 years old there is no such thing as a perfect driver, these days we all have distrations it could be turning your music up, changing your music/radio channel, talking to your passengers, turning the air conditioning/heater on/off etc.

On Sunday night while watching RBT on Channel 9 a 76 year old lady tried to avoid the booze bus, now you can bet all the money in the world this wouldn't have made any media outlets and if it did it would have got a small meantion. Yet if it was a L or P plater then it would have been big news all over the media.

I do understand that some not all young people can be silly behind the wheel of a car but I'm also trying to point out no matter what age a person is everyone has been or maybe silly behind the wheel at some stage and if you want to give L or P platers a bad name then you need to give every driver including yourself a bad name.

You may ask well do you give yourself a bad name and my answer to that is yes I do with so much to concentrate on when your on the road it's not easy to be a perfect driver & as I said earlier there is no such thing as a perfect driver.

Also another thought that has just popped into my mind why is it the older drivers who mainly have their open Licences that ran over a child(ren) in the drive way you hear more reports of parents doing that then L or P platers yet once again a L or P plater could do that just as easy as a older person.

Plus look at all the truck drivers that have accidents all of them are older people who have their open licence and not their L's or P's

It was only a few weeks ago that our family drove from Brisbane to Penrith and had a lady who must have been about 45 years old sitting on our tail & overtaking at different places through Warwick all the way down to Scone. Comming home we had a guy around 60 sitting on our tail & over taking between Newcastle & Coffs Habour.

I'm not trying to say one group is better then the other far from it I'm trying to point out everyone is a bad driver, now you know my thoughts I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

UPDATE: Friday 9th July 2010 Maybe the media has been listening to me as I found this in the Courier Mail (Queensland) Newspaper

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Messy or Clean Desk

Today I thought I would share with my readers my desk that I sit at to do all my pc work.No matter how much I try to keep it clean it just seems to have a calling to have stuff come to it.

The desk sits right beside our lounge so of course my lovely husband chooses to use the desk as a table to hold his things like the green beer stubbie holder, his mobile, watch & log bog for the car (all the stuff you can see between the pc screen & the pc speaker near the date of the pic).

Sitting on top of our all in one printer (beside the red pen/pencil holder) is all our diary's, paper work, shopping dockets (to see if our fly buy points have been added to our account) then you have my mobile phone near our netphone (what some isp companies call VOIP)

In between our all in one printer & the red cup pen/pencil holder is all the bills that need to be paid soon.

I would love a big corner desk & eventually we are going to get one but as you can see there is a spot near the desk where we keep some of our pc cd's & that black thing is one of surround sound speakers for the surround sound we have for the loungeroom.

Now that I have shared my blogging/twitter/computer space what is yours like? Would like to see some of my readers spaces.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What does NUTS stand for?

Welcome to my 1st blog, you may be wondering at the name of my blog NUTS and wondering if I'm nuts,if the world is nuts or if everything is nuts.

The word nuts come some wonderful friends of mine that I use to do volunteer work with, they come up with the word NUTS for the work newsletter, NUTS stands for News,Updates,Thoughts,Silliness

I thought it would be wonderful for my blog as it covers exactly what this blog is about.I have so much I want to share with all the lovely readers that come to my blog.

At the moment I know my blog doesn't pack any punch to it but I'm still learning how to add photos to my blog & jazz it up more once I learn that hopefully my blog will be more prettier like some of the other blogs I follow but for now, I will keep this first blog short and ask people to remember the following of anyone that comes to my blog.

1.Not everyone is a great speller or writier (including me) so please forgive in advance any spelling mistakes,punctuation etc.

2.Everyone has different opinions, discuss your different opinions but no fighting remember if you can't agree then agree to disagree

3.Any poster who can't follow the above two points will have their post removed.

Now onto something fun I would like to ask what do you think of the word NUTS for a blog?